When you say “healthy eating”, people always imagine a sad little salad, without any dressing or any taste. But healthy eating is so much more! And can be a lot of fun.

Yesterday I met a friend whom I hadn’t seen in 3 months. We were catching up and he felt very proud as he told me that he started a diet and that he had already lost 5 kg! At the same time though, he was feeling a bit guilty about enjoying a nice glass of “crema di caffè” (Italian smooth ice coffee) with me. So he started telling me about the little struggles: against his sweet tooth, against his instinct of going to grab a beer with a friend after work etc and said that it takes nothing to regain the lost kg.

That’s when I told him that everything should be in moderation. He shouldn’t deprive himself of the foods he loves, just to go right back to them when the diet is “over”. And I also mentioned that there are little swaps that he can make, one of them being sweet potatoes instead of normal potatoes.

The moment I mentioned sweet potatoes, it seemed like a completely new universe was revealing itself! He researched it right away (as he wasn’t familiar with it) and realised that it not only had a huge potential for his diet but it also brought huge benefits for his health: fibre, vitamin A, beta-carotene and so much more.

It was the perfect solution to one of his dilemmas, as the sweet potato had the potential to satisfy both his sweet tooth (as it contains around 4g of sugar per 100g) and his need for nutritious food.

All so simple and so easy to make: just scrub it, poke it with a fork, slather it in olive oil, and put it in the oven for 1h at 180C.

Bon appetite!

Sweet potato - Easy recipe

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