Diamond Dallas Page’s program has been around for a few years now but I’ve only discovered it recently and I must say that I was very impressed. The program is a combination of diet and workout and its aim is to help people lose weight, get in shape and improve their lifestyle. While its purpose is noble and I fully endorse it, some of the dieting ideas seem a bit too extreme. Here we go…

How It All Started

Every time I start something, I like to research it thoroughly and this program was no exception. I started looking into the DDP Yoga program and found Page’s story, which is very inspiring.

Diamond Dallas Page was a wrestler at the height of his professional career who, like most wrestlers, got injured during a match. He ruptured his L4 and L5 spinal discs so badly that he couldn’t even walk. He started rehab but it wasn’t helping very much and he could see his dream slowly slipping away. That’s when he decided to follow his wife’s advice and give yoga a try. As he started getting stronger with yoga, he began adding aerobic and strength training to his workouts, to help him get stronger and stronger. Finally, he added some Dynamic Resistance elements to it (Dynamic Resistance means using opposing muscles to counteract flowing movements and create the resistance needed to burn fat and sculpt muscles). And that’s how DDP Yoga was born!

This new workout didn’t only allow him to get back in shape but it allowed him to win the Heavy Weight Championship Title three times! And to create an innovative program, that will change the lives of numerous people around the world!

The Workouts

The DDP Yoga Workouts are amazing and quite varied. They go from easy 10-minute wake up exercises to 1h proper workouts, that have you dripping with sweat and beaming with satisfaction.

I’ve been practicing yoga for a few years now and I must say that these workouts are like yoga on steroids: they work all your muscles, they challenge you and they have those extra elements, that make them “a kick-ass cardio workout”. They add resistance to flowing movements, making your muscles work a little bit harder, they make planks a bit more complex and introduce completely new elements, that slowly become part of your routine. They become almost addictive and your body starts craving them.

The Diet

While I’m fully on board with the workouts, I can’t say that I like or agree with the diet. Phase One includes getting rid of processed, fried and junk food, which I think that we should all do at one point of our lives (the sooner, the better), as they do a lot of harm to our bodies and health. The same phase though, requires people to completely eliminate sugar (and therefore sweets) and white flour.

Phase Two takes this to another level, asking people to make a “stronger commitment to real foods in their natural state” by eliminating all wheat and dairy. Now, I’m all for fruit and veg, as well as healthy lifestyles but, unless you are intolerant to these particular food groups, I don’t think that you should completely eliminate them from your diet. Cow milk and dairy products are an excellent source of calcium and wheat, when eaten as the whole grain, is a great source of multiple nutrients and dietary fiber.

Finally, Phase Three is only recommended to “athletes, health and fitness fanatics” or people who need to make a radical change in their lives, as they want to achieve shocking results in a very short amount of time (which I must say that I agree with). This phase requires all the previous eliminations, as well as a switch to organic foods. It sounds like this phase would have a strong impact on your body, as well as your wallet.

My Take On The Diet

While Page has the best intentions with his program, I believe that his dieting ideas are a bit extreme. Following his advice implies a major lifestyle change, which requires a very strong goal or strength of will (that most people lack). If your goal is to become an athlete and you’re taking informed steps towards this type of diet, then you’re on the right track. Otherwise, you might end up with deficiencies or just back to your old lifestyle, eating even more junk food and not taking care of your body.

Any change you make to your diet, especially if it’s a radical one, should be preceded by a lot of research, health checks and a trip or two to the GP.


As I mentioned already, all in all this is a great program with great potential and some incredible workouts. But, like all miraculous weight-loss programs, should be taken with a pinch of salt. If you’re looking to improve your eating habits and adopt a lifestyle that will allow you to lose weight and keep it off, I think that the Noom program is a lot more approachable. Have a look at my post on Noom for further info.

But that’s just my opinion, let me know what you think! Please leave a comment below to tell me if you agree or disagree.


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